Types of KMSC Memberships

Membership Director: Shana Siesser is available to assist you at kmsc-membership@kempmill.org or 240-389-5672

All Membership Renewal and New Member rates can be found here. All memberships are for people residing in the same household. Annual renewal payments are due May 1 and are subject to a late fee if received after that date.

All Member information and transactions are handle through the KMSC Member Splash system located at https://kempmill.membersplash.com/.

There are TWO options to join the Kemp Mill Swim Club for the first time:

New Member Option

  • Single (1 adult over 18 years old as of May 1st)
  • Double (2 members, at least one over 18 years old as of May 1st)
  • Family (3 or more members with no more than two 22 years old or older as of May 1st).
    • Additional members older than age 22 by May 1st may be added to a family membership for a fee.
  • A Senior discount is available for each of the above Memberships when at least one shareholder is 62 years or older. This $20 discount is only applied once per account per year.

Regular membership requires a member share purchase totaling $400 that may be split across two years. New members receive 50% off the first year’s dues and will pay half of the member share for $200.

Trial Member Option

Most new members start with a Trial Membership:  Our 10-week Trial Membership is a great way for potential new members in the same household to try out our Swim Club. You will have all the same privileges as a full member for a flat rate of $400 for a Single, Double, or Family trial membership with up to six total members. The trial period is for a continuous 10 weeks that begins with your first visit to the pool. You may choose to start converting your Trial to a Full Membership at any point during the season, by paying the first half of your Member Share payment. This will also entitle you to the remainder of the current season (beyond your Trial).

To register for the Trial Membership, please visit the new KMSC Member Splash (https://kempmill.membersplash.com/) and click on “Join” in the top menu to register in our system. Please make a note of your password. Your application will go to the Membership Director who will approve you to complete your signup process. At this time, we have no Waitlist and are generally approving all applications within 24-48 hours.

New Member or Trial Member Payments

After the Member Splash system notifies you with an Offer for membership, please log back into the system and make your payment. If you did not receive an e-mail or have any questions, please contact our Membership Director at kmsc-membership@kempmill.org .

Other options for your Membership

Additional Adult: You may also add an Additional Adult beyond the maximum included on your membership for $125. This option is good for a Nanny or Babysitter who may bring your children to the pool, or for a Grandparent who is with you for the summer. Please add this person to your Membership by selecting the “Additional Adult” product on the “Payment” page in MemberSplash (*Do Not* add them using the “Add Member” button the main screen).

Guests for 2024: Guest Credits can be purchased online through your MemberSplash account. Guest Credits cannot be purchased at the front desk. No IOUs are permitted at any time. Individual Guest Credits cost $8 each. A pack of 10 Guest Credits may be purchased online for $80. For a limited time, you get an extra Guest Credit when you purchase the pack of 10 online – get 11 for the price of 10! Guest Credits can only be purchased by members, and are non-transferable. Unused paper guest passes from prior years are no longer valid. Unused Guest Credits from this season will automatically carry over for use next season.

Parental Consent Form: Members age 15 and over may visit the pool without a parent or
guardian. Members ages 10-14 may visit the pool without a parent or guardian if there is an approved Parental Consent form on file. The form is here and may just be brought to the Front Desk when completed. Each child must pass a swim test (administered by the lifeguards) before this form will be approved. [ Parental Consent Form ]

Transferred Memberships: Please contact the Membership Director if you are transferring or purchasing a Member Share from a resigning member, and you want to establish your membership and pay your dues. The $100 transfer fee is being waived for the 2024 season.

Please note that membership dues and share fees are non-refundable.

Still have questions?: Questions about current memberships and all renewal options may be addressed to our Membership Director, Shana Siesser, who can be reached at kmsc-membership@kempmill.org or 240-389-5672